About Us

This is the vision of Vermont Packinghouse.

The US meat industry is almost entirely controlled by four companies. If we are to ever move away from this consolidation and towards a decentralized and sustainable base of meat production, we must develop mid-sized supply chains that are big enough to have an impact, yet small enough to care. Making meat as it ought to be, that is the mission of Vermont Packinghouse.

Since 2014, Vermont Packinghouse has served the local farmers, branded meat companies, and aggregators of the Northeast. Founded by the Lorentz family, a nationally renowned group of plant operators, Vermont Packinghouse is now owned by Walden Local Meat, a Massachusetts based meat company that sources from farms across New England and New York.

Vermont Packinghouse is pleased to work with over 100 farmers in the Northeast and is looking to expand its custom processing business. In partnership with the farmers and brands we serve, we are working to make good meat the standard in our region.