Our Services

We work with a wide range of customers, from direct marketers bringing in just one animal, to branded programs with a full truckload. Our abattoir handles cattle and hogs. We do not slaughter, but will make poultry sausages.

Our fabrication area regularly handles cuts from full primals to 4 oz. portion steaks. All cuts are vacuum packaged. Our further processing can produce fresh and RTE sausages to a wide range of specifications.
We offer ham and bacon curing and slicing, in addition to the following specialty services:

  • Natural Curing with celery juice
  • Exact weight portioning of raw and cooked products
  • Sausage Making with custom recipes

All services have minimum volume requirements and/or set-up charges. All processing is subject to our Terms of Service.

Livestock Drop-Off Guidelines

Processing Fees for Single Animals – New Rates Effective April 2, 2018

Slaughter per Head Processing per Carcass Lb.
Beef $58 $0.85
Pigs $40 $0.85
Lamb or Goat Sorry, no longer available

Cutting Instructions Required at the Time of Livestock Delivery

Effective 2/19/2019, Vermont Packinghouse will require cut sheets at delivery of livestock. If cut sheets are not provided at drop-off, a $25 fee will be assessed. We apologize for any inconvenience, and hope you understand that having this paperwork is crucial for us to process your order in a smooth and timely fashion.

** Effective June 1st, 2019 until further notice all beef slaughtered will have a $30 per head rendering surcharge due the remarkably lower than average prices in the rending and hide markets in recent months. This surcharge is subject to change without notice and will be withdrawn once rendering returns to 5 year average levels.

    • Certified Organic processing will be assessed a 10% surcharge.
    • $20 charge per separate order.
    • Starting in 2021, Beef and Hogs may be cut custom as whole animals, not halves or quarters.
    • 1/3-lb. Patties available for $1.00/lb. with a 50 lb. minimum run.
    • Pigs over 300 lbs. hanging weight, such as sows, and beef over 1,000 lbs. hanging will be assessed twice the slaughter charge.
    • We do NOT offer slaughter-only services for beef. Hogs going out whole will be billed $170 flat fee.
    • Typical processing turnaround time is approximately 4 weeks from the date of slaughter. We will contact you when the order is complete.
    • Beef weighing less than 400 lbs. will be billed a 400-lb. minimum. Hogs weighing less than 150 lbs. will be billed a 150-lb. minimum.


Pigs over 400 lbs.  and cattle with horns longer than 4″ will be turned away upon arrival. Please DO NOT send them to us.


Packaging Specifications:

1) Steaks are cut by thickness (e.g. approximately 1 inch thick). Roast are cut within a range (e.g. 2-3 lb. roast  ).
2) 2 steaks per pack (individually packaged steaks available for $0.30/package surcharge).
3) All steaks and roasts packaged in shrinkable vacuum bags.
4) Ground beef in 1 lb. vacuum pouches.
5) All items bulk packaged in freezer boxes <30 lbs.
6) Farm Name printed on individual packages labels is standard, at no additional charge.
7) Fabrication cost based on hot carcass hanging weight (without weighing edible organs).
8) All animal Organs subject to USDA inspection and therefore can NOT be guaranteed. You MUST notify unloader if:
• You have livestock designated to specific cut sheets.
• You want to keep your animals organs (for 5 or more beef or 10 or more hogs ONLY) Hog organs for 9 hogs or under not available. Beef organs for 4 or under, we have grain fed organ boxes available upon request.
9) Product will be frozen for pick-up unless otherwise agreed upon.


Download Our Cut Sheets:

Beef Cutting Instructions 11.11.21  • Pork Cutting Instructions 11.11.21

New to filling out a cut sheet?  See our Cutting Suggestions.

Please also bring our livestock Residue Affidavit along with your cut sheets as required by our food safety regulatory process.

*Please provide this signed form at delivery if requesting T-Bone and Porterhouse Steaks attesting that animals are under 30 months old

Sausages, Curing and Smoking for Pork and Beef


 Item Packaging Charge per lb. Finished weight Minimum Order
Sliced Bacon & Ends 1 lb. rollstock package $2.95 2 bellies
Ham shrinkable vacuum package $2.20 2 hams
Smoked Linked Sausage 4×4 oz. links in rollstock package $2.85 50 lbs.
Raw Linked Sausage 4×4 oz. links in rollstock package $2.20 50 lbs.
Raw Bulk Sausage 1 lb. in vacuum package $1.60 50 lbs.


Smoked Sausage flavors available (made with pork AND NOW AVAILABLE FOR BEEF TOO):
– Smoked Chorizo
– Smoked Kielbasa

Raw Sausage flavors available (made with pork only):
– Sweet Italian
– Hot Italian
– Maple Breakfast (add $0.15/lb. to above prices due to cost of maple syrup)

(Click here for a full listing of all sausage ingredients.)

Additional sausage flavors available upon request with a 200 lb. minimum batch size.

All cured products can be made using a natural cure of fermented celery juice for an additional $0.25/lb. with a minimum 200 lb. batch size.

All Organic products cost 10% more.



To Vermont Packinghouse – We work with many livestock haulers and can likely help your find someone to haul your livestock.  Please bring animals in good condition.

From Vermont Packinghouse – We can ship to most locations within about 150 miles of Vermont Packinghouse for $120 per pallet via Black River Produce. A pallet can typically hold up to about 1500 lbs, equaling approximately 3-4 beef or 10 hogs.

Livestock Drop-Off Guidelines

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations less than 1 week from the date of slaughter will be assessed 2x the livestock slaughter charge. We are sorry to have to do this, but last minute cancellations have a real opportunity cost for us. This goes both ways: If we have to call you to change your slaughter date less than 1 week from the date, we will slaughter your animal(s) at no charge (other processing will still be charged). Thank you in advance for your understanding.