Our Services

Vermont Packinghouse works with a wide range of customers from small and local direct marketers to branded programs with regional distribution. We practice industry-leading humane handling processes. We specialize in claims-based meat programs and have the expertise to help guide you through the labeling process – whether grass-fed, organic, pasture-raised, local, or more.

Our customers are:

  • Newcomers to direct marketing
  • Farmers filling freezers for friends and neighbors
  • Businesses exploring new products and markets
  • Established branded programs with full truckloads
  • Up-and-coming distributors in wholesale or retail channels

As a young and growing USDA-inspected co-packing facility, our team will be sure to meet your needs. We aim to consistently provide clear communication, excellent service, and long-term stability for the smooth operation of your business needs.

Our abattoir and cutting room processes cattle and hogs from live animals down to sides, primals, retail-ready exact weight portion cuts, and many more cuts in between. Our further processing departments can produce fresh grinds and fresh and cooked sausages to a wide range of specifications and customized instructions. We offer curing and smokehouse services for cooking ham, bacon, briskets, and more. All our products are vacuum packaged with professional quality and labeled and boxed with an eye for detail.

While we don’t have slaughter abilities for poultry, lamb, sheep, or goats, we can receive raw materials and process them into a variety of finished products.


Our custom customers are typically local to Vermont Packinghouse, and bring anywhere from a few animals to ~50/year. They are raising animals for themselves, friends, neighbors, the local community, farmer’s markets, restaurants, and small retail channels.

Please click on the following links for our custom cut sheets:



Please bring this Organic Delivery Farmer Letter  when delivering Organic Animals

Please also bring our livestock Residue Affidavit  with your cut sheets as required by our food safety regulatory process.

Please provide Animal Birthdate Affidavit at delivery if requesting T-Bone and Porterhouse Steaks, attesting that the animals are under 30 months old.

General Custom Processing Details/FAQs:

  • Custom animals are scheduled on a rolling basis. First day of each quarter will open appointments for the upcoming 15 months.
  • VPH will confirm the month your processing date will occur. Exact drop dates will be set 4 weeks in advance.
  • All custom items are bulk packaged in ~30lb boxes and will be frozen upon order completion unless other arrangements have been discussed.
  • Farm Name printed on individual package labels.
  • Every box has labels with specific items contained in each box.
  • Organic processing has higher processing costs.
  • Typical processing turnaround time is four weeks from the date of slaughter. We will contact you when your order is complete.
  • Please contact us directly for special requests not contained within the above cut sheets.

More details are contained within the cut sheets. All custom pricing is available upon request.


Delivery of Animals: Please use our Reminders for Livestock Drop-Offs document.

Receipt of Product: Customer Pick Up.


Cancellations less than one week from the date of slaughter will be assessed 2x the livestock slaughter charge. We are sorry to have to do this, but last-minute cancellations have a real opportunity cost for us. This goes both ways: If we have to call you to change your slaughter date less than one week from the date, we will slaughter your animal(s) at no charge (other processing will still be charged). Thank you in advance for your understanding.


Our commercial customers have programs with consistent volume that serve the Northeast and beyond. We are always happy to discuss co-packing opportunities and processing relationships, whether you have an established product or are looking to process a new product and build a network of distribution.

All processing is subject to our Terms of Service